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The Screwworm

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The Atlantic: Screwworms once killed millions of dollars’ worth of cattle a year in the southern U.S. Their range extended from Florida to California, and they infected any living, warm-blooded animal: not only cattle but deer, squirrels, pets, and even the occasional human. In fact, the screwworm’s scientific name is C. hominivorax or “man eater”—so named after a horrific outbreak among prisoners on Devil’s Island, an infamous 19th-century French penal colony in South America.

For untold millennia, screwworms were a grisly fact of life in the Americas. In the 1950s, however, U.S. ranchers began to envision a new status quo. They dared to dream of an entire country free of screwworms. At their urging, the United States Department of Agriculture undertook what would ultimately become an immense, multidecade effort to wipe out the screwworms, first in the U.S. and then in Mexico and Central America—all the way down to the narrow strip of land that is the Isthmus of Panama. The eradication was a resounding success. But the story does not end there. Containing a disease is one thing. Keeping it contained is another thing entirely, as the coronavirus pandemic is now so dramatically demonstrating.

To get the screwworms out, the USDA to this day maintains an international screwworm barrier along the Panama-Colombia border. The barrier is an invisible one, and it is kept in place by constant human effort. Every week, planes drop 14.7 million sterilized screwworms over the rainforest that divides the two countries. A screwworm-rearing plant operates 24/7 in Panama. Inspectors cover thousands of square miles by motorcycle, boat, and horseback, searching for stray screwworm infections north of the border. The slightest oversight could undo all the work that came before.

A reminder that civilization takes work. Excellent piece by Sarah Zhang. Read the whole thing.

Hat tip: Stone Age Herbalist.

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9 days ago
Civilization requires work
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Анекдот №2 за 29 мая 2024

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Всё меньше великих русских учёных, писателей, художников, композиторов рождается в еврейских семьях.
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21 days ago
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How the Guinness Brewery Invented the Most Important Statistical Method in Science

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The most common test of statistical significance originated from the Guinness brewery. Here’s how it works

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21 days ago
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Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal - Generivory

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Click here to go see the bonus panel!

I'm actually surprised no weird economist is pushing this somewhere.

Today's News:
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199 days ago
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201 days ago
This hits super close to home. Commercialized products that are hyper specialized do feel this way. Products made at home much less so: So grow your own wheat if you want bread.
201 days ago
Ok but seriously: this is a real issue I sometimes get stuck with when trying to figure out what alternatives are *actually* ecologically more sustainable and/or less economically extractive of the poorest half of the world.

Obviously economies of scale are a valid optimization strategy, but the joke ignores whether the process being scaled is harmful or not compared to the alternative. But comparing the overhead from the smaller scale of production of the ecologically more sound alternatives is basically impossible most of the time, unless it's *really* obvious.

в порядке исключения ввезли в страну 321 палестинских беженца

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Denmark took in 321 Palestinian refugees in 1992.

By 2019, 64% had been convicted of a crime (including 34%
of their children too).


According to the statement by Acting Immigration and
Integration Minister Kaare Dybvad Bek (S) to the Danish
Parliament's Immigration and Integration Committee, 204 of
the Palestinians have thus been convicted of crime in the
period from 1992, when the so-called Palestine Law was
adopted, to 2019.

Either the Palestinians have received a prison sentence
during the period, or they have been fined more than 1,500
kroner (71 have received a conditional or unconditional
prison sentence).

At the same time, 176 of them received public welfare last
year, most of whom (122 people) received early
retirement. Of the 321 stateless Palestinians, 270 were
resident in Denmark at the end of 2019.

The picture is better, but not good, when you look at how
the children of the stateless Palestinians have fared.

Out of 999 children who live in Denmark today, 337 have
been convicted of crime (132 have received a conditional
or unconditional prison sentence).

And last year, 372 of the children received a public
benefit, of which SU recipients made up more than half, or
exactly 194.

The Danish People's Party's immigration and integration
rapporteur, Pia Kj?rsgaard, who has asked for the report,
was a member of the Folketing for the Progress Party when
the Palestinian law was adopted in 1992.

"That the Palestinian law from 1992 was a huge mistake is
clearly shown by all subsequent experience," says Pia
Kj?rsgaard to Netavisen Pio. "I warned against the special
law then. But naive politicians led by the Social
Democrats and the Radicals were keen to let these people
stay in Denmark. We suffer with them now with crime,
insecurity and massive payments of social
benefits. Absolutely not a good thing for Denmark. The
same parties are in power now. So my clear expectation is
that they will clean up the sins of their past."

* * *

Датские социал-демократы в 1992 приняли "палестинский закон",
по которому в порядке исключения ввезли в страну
321 палестинских беженца. Больше половины беженцев
зажили преступной жизнью, а сейчас живут на пособие,
из их детей отсидели не все, а только треть.

Нашел вот тут
очень хорошая статья


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239 days ago
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Хорошее нашел

Артем Полежака


Господин Киселёв, в Киеве страшно!
Опять малороссов попутал нечистый!
На площади варят военную кашу.
По улицам толпами ходят фашисты.

Кругом баррикады, окопы и рвы.
Ещё до сих пор мои руки трясутся -
Когда тут узнали, что я из Москвы,
Меня хотели убить трезубцем!

Кругом гомосеки и лесбиянки!
От наркоманов деваться некуда!
Студент-филолог из Могилянки
Избил пятерых сотрудников Беркута!

Мустафа на трибуне кричал про джихад,
И толпа бесновалась ``Хотим в Европу!''
А потом провели большой гей-парад,

После митинга я захотел в туалет,
Но с кастетом и криком ``Героям слава!''
На меня в подворотне напал Филарет
И заставил креститься слева направо!

На данный момент известно точно:
Гитлер Адольф воскрешён отныне!
Говорят, постарались прошлою ночью
Мольфары-генетики из Коломыи!

Коллегу свою потерял я давно -
Её тут поймали и, кажется, съели.
В центре Крещатика батька Махно
Играется маузером на карусели!

Быть может , старушки, и те - немногие,
Не стали громить магазины и шопы...
Потом объявили, что будет оргия,

Я продолжаю свой репортаж
Из столицы фашиствующей Украины.
Сзади меня был Гостинный Двор,
Теперь, посмотрите - одни руины!

В переходах метро танцуют гопак -
За это ль, скажи, воевали деды?!
Гуцулы в Михайловском, в Лавре - бардак!
Жиды, либералы и людоеды!..

Жидов тут вобще (всех бы разом под суд!),
Простите, хотел сказать ``иудеев''...
Они раздают прохожим мацу,
Вводят в гипноз и внушают идеи!

Ночами творится такое, скажу я,
От ужаса с треском взрывается сердце -
Повстанцы, скукожившись возле буржуек,
Пьют вёдрами кровь христианских младенцев!

Под Администрацией Президента
Возможность была всех накрыть (хорошо бы!),
Но клич гомосеков раздался где-то,

Господин Киселёв, передайте Путину,
Что сколь бы ни были хохлы свирепы -
На всякую нечисть найдётся орудие:
Дубинки, газ и духовные скрепы!

Господин Киселёв, передайте Путину,
Что Киев - мать городов русских!
Так пусть митингуют эти паскудины
На львовских бандеровских улочках узких!

Пробьётся соборности юная завязь!
Пойдём триедино топтать наши тропы!
Извините пожалуйста, я прерываюсь -
МЕНЯ ТУТ, КАЖЕТСЯ....................................


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243 days ago
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